Joan Merwyn has been directing and teaching internationally for over 25 years. Her clients range from professional performing artists to college and grade school students, as well as challenged and disadvantaged populations. Joan specializes in creating and directing original performance material while providing comprehensive training in the art of physical theater.

“My residencies are designed to engage the participants in a theatrical language—a dialogue of physically, emotionally, thoughtfully sculpted moments and events. I believe that the physical life of the actor is the basis from which all theater emanates. Whether moving or standing still, the actor requires an awareness of him or herself in the stage space, as well as a generosity of spirit as part of the ensemble. The breath of the ensemble is at the heart of a theatrical experience. Developing a strong ensemble requires both an inner and an outer awareness—the physical actor must continually re-ignite an authentic inner focus while simultaneously serving the larger dramatic intent and imagery of what is being portrayed on the stage. By reflecting and revealing personal, social and cultural material which is relevant to the participants involved, a complete experience is achieved through the transformative process of creating performance art.”

— Joan Merwyn

Joan Merwyn Offers

  • Physical Theater Residencies
  • In-depth Training Programs
  • Directing and Choreography Services
  • Mounting of Original Performance Material
  • Private and Group Consultations and Coaching
  • Seminars for Educators and Teachers in Creative Techniques and Curriculum Integration
  • Performing Arts Workshops for Challenged and Special Populations



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