Joan Merwyn Physical Theater offers the following Educational Programs. Contact us if you have questions or to request more information about these programs.

Physical Theater Residencies
Offered in Conjunction with Performances and/or Lecture Demonstrations

“The training I provide is a unique integration of physical acting, experimental theater and ensemble techniques. Decroux technique (France) offers the basis of the actors training, demanding a practical and complete command of the human instrument in conscious, articulated form. Grotowski work (Poland) provides a ‘freeing’ element for the actor and for the ensemble. Both methods strengthen the entire physical, emotional and intellectual system while organically integrating breath and voice with movement. I blend the very diverse approaches of these 20th century masters, along with techniques of Epic Theater (Brecht), New Vaudeville, Spolin, Mime, Mask and Circus Arts.”

— Joan Merwyn

Higher Education - Artist-in-Residencies may include:

  • Master Classes for drama and/or dance students
  • Series of classes in solo and ensemble techniques and improvisations
  • Artistic Direction of student productions
  • Development of original performance material
  • See: Higher Education and Professional Training for details

Grade Schools - Arts-in-Education

Professional Development Seminars

  • For teachers, educators and recreation staff
  • For staff at schools, mental health facilities, shelters and nursing homes
  • Creative movement and drama group activity training

Community Outreach- Creative Workshops in Performing Arts

  • Local community groups
  • Art centers and museums
  • Senior centers
  • Mental health facilities
  • Homeless shelters
  • Recreation centers
  • After-school programs
  • See: Schools and Communities for details

In Depth Training Programs

  • Ongoing training in technique, thematic improvisation, creation of original performance pieces
  • See: Professional Training for details

Directing and Choreography Programs

Private Coaching

  • Specific tools for improving total performance
  • Movement, corporeal mime and acting training, direction and choreographic assistance
  • Dynamic theatrical presentation techniques

Special Populations (all ages)

  • Performing arts group workshops
  • Mental health facilities, senior centers, homeless shelters, group homes, drop-in programs
  • See: Schools and Communities for details



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